Free SQL Database Viewer to Open SQL Database

MDF (Master Database File) is the extension of SQL Server database file. Sometimes, you find yourself in a big problem when, misrepresentation occur in MDF files. You become unable to view content of SQL database plus MDF file become unusable to you after corruption issues.

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MDF Viewer Tool Handles More Corruption Cause of SQL Server Database

Reasons for Corruption: Many awful reasons are responsible for SQL database corruption such as:

  • Abrupt SQL Server power cut,
  • Application failure,
  • Virus attacks,
  • Hardware not working in a right way,
  • File system misrepresentation,
  • Corruption in Operating System,
  • Human errors and many more.

After corruption in MDF files, you can easily re-configure SQL database but you cannot make use of MDF files. To view MDF files, you need to use external tool.

Use Freeware SQL Viewer Tool

Use Free SQL Database Viewer Software that is MDF Viewer to view corrupt MDF files. With this tool, it becomes possible for you, to view content of SQL database effortlessly. This Freeware SQL viewer tool helps you to read SQL database with its contents such as tables, triggers, functions etc. With this FREEWARE MDF viewer software, you can open SQL database easily to perform other operations like view SQL database and read SQL database.

If you want to access and recover MDF files then, use SQL Recovery application tool. After using this tool, you can make use of SQL database file easily.

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