How to Fix Master.mdf Database?

What is Master.mdf Database? -Master database contains entire information of SQL database which is located on SQL server.  Without MDF database SQL server cannot start. This includes data about data (Meta data) such as log on accounts, endpoints, linked servers, and system configuration settings. In SQL Server, system objects are no longer stored in the master database; instead, they are stored in the Resource database.

p>How to fix Master.mdf database?- Due to any change in the properties of .mdf database gets corrupted or damaged:

  • Addition in files or file groups
  • Change in collation, the default collation is the server collation
  • Creation of triggers on the system tables in database
  • Removal of primary file group, primary data file, or log file

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System database must be rebuilt to Fix Master.mdf Database which is corrupted. When the .mdf databases are rebuilt, the databases are dropped and re-created in their original location. If a new collation is specified in the rebuild statement, the system databases are created using that collation setting. You can comfortably fix master.mdf database with the help of SQL Recovery software. SQL Recovery software creates SQL script with which users can restore following items from corrupt MDF database:

  • Sort order for index keys
  • Predefined defaults, primary keys, unique key, index, foreign keys, tables, Stored procedures, views, triggers etc
  • Deleted records and partly damaged Records

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