MS SQL Database Repair Tool - Solve Index Corruptions

Index of SQL Server: Index is an important part of SQL Server. When a query is processed in SQL Server, it uses index to find data hastily. If we create Index to the point in SQL Server then it can radically increases the performance of SQL Server application or you can say that it saves time to execute queries while working on SQL Server. A SQL Server table contains thousands or millions of rows and if we not create the index in SQL Server then it become slow like: if a SQL server searches some queries then it takes long time to find the data without index because at that time SQL Server engine needs to visit every row in table which is a lengthy process. So, imagine if we create index in SQL Server look like a book index then it will definitely helps use to perform quick process.

Types of Index in SQL Server

Composite Index: In SQL Server, the limit of composite index cannot be more than 900 byte limit. A composite Index contains more than one column and you can add up to 16 columns in a composite Index. Clustered and non-clustered indexes can be the part of composite index.

Covering Index: A Covering index is an index that includes the entire column which is necessary to perform a particular query. Index covering can grows performance of SQL Server.

Unique Index: When we define a primary or unique constraint in SQL Server it automatically creates Unique Index. It gives inimitability of each value in the indexed column.

  • Primary Key: When you define a primary key constraint in SQL Server on one or more columns then it creates a clustered index (unique) automatically if it does not exist.
  • Unique Key: When you define a unique key constraint in SQL server then SQL server automatically creates a non-clustered index (unique) as same as primary key if it does not exist.

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Repair SQL Database

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Repair MS SQL Database when Corruption Took Place

Causes behind Index corruption in SQL Server: There are many reasons which interrupt you to work on SQL Server. We have already discussed on SQL corruption before but now we are going to discuss on Index corruption which is one of the reasons that disable you to continue the working process on SQL Server. There can be many causes which increases the issues of Index corruption. Some of them are listed below:

  • Unexpected System Shutdown
  • Virus or Trojan Infection
  • Frequent Power Supply Cut
  • Bad Sectors in Storage Media

If you are trying to access SQL Server Master Database in case of Index corruption then maybe it will show you an error message like: “Possible index corruption detected. Run DBCC CHECKDB" in this situation.

How to Resolve Index Corruption Issues by SQL Database Repair Tool?

SQL Recovery Tool is an MS SQL Database repair tool which is the prominent product that is specially developed to resolve the issues of SQL Server database corruption. MS SQL Server Database repair tool can be very useful at that time when any corruption occurs in SQL Server database. Index corruptions issues can be easily resolve by using this MS SQL Database repair tool which is produced by Groups.

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