Open Corrupted Damaged Microsoft SQL

You can Open Corrupted Damaged Microsoft SQL database easily by using our SQL Recovery tool that helps to heal the corruptness of your SQL Server. Our MS SQL database repair software has been upgraded to version 5.0 that lets you to perform a special feature that has been discussed in the below section. The up-gradation of the software version will be coming in great help for the users.

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Good News! MS SQL Database Repair 5.5 Version as an Asset

Users have become really excited with the replenishment of our tool, as the software has recently been upgraded to 5.0 version with the addition of a new asset too which has made the users feel even more contented.

Under mentioned client testimonial is from one of the named and famed cartographer namely Denis Schiller who used our SQL Recovery Tool to open corrupted damaged Microsoft SQL tables at a go.

Denis Schiller:“ First of all huge thanks to you people for making such an application and secondly, thanks for upgrading its version to provide more convenience to your users which reflects your thoughtfulness. The MS SQL Repair software was suggested to me by one of my clients as he knew I had stored some very important database of my cartography assignments in records and tables of SQL. Suddenly when I tried to open my database I was prompted by the following error which thoroughly shook me with fear: 'Server: Msg 8928, Level 16, State 1, Line 1 Object ID 389576426, index ID 0: Page (1:18836) could not be processed. See other errors for details’. Due to the occurrence of this problematic situation I got into a huge dilemma as to what actually has happened to my SQL Server. Hence I was unsure of using just any random solution for this corruptness but one of the best and reliable one only and used your SQL Recovery tool that offered me to recover multiple tables at a go with its multi threading export process which came out to be a very efficient feature to me."

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