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The SQL Server database index which we know as data structure gets better the speed to record/data retrieval process on a SQL Server database table. A clustered index of SQL Server verify the physical order of data in a table and this is the efficient way for finding an exact row when the indexed value is only one of its kind.

Note: If SQL server table has no clustered index then primary key constraints automatically creates it in SQL Server.

Reasons of Corruption in Clustered Index Generally error messages related to Clustered Index receive when users try to insert a column in existing SQL Server table via Insert Command. There can be many reasons to corrupt clustered index and the main thing is that if once clustered index becomes corrupt, then you cannot generate any report through DBCC CHECKDB. This time you need an instant SQL Server recovery tool that easily repair clustered index corruption.

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SQL Server Recovery Tool

SQL Recovery tool is a well-suited program for the above mentioned situations. With easy user-interface and powerful attributes, it makes an easy way to recover corrupted SQL Server database and using this you can repair clustered index corruption and remove all error messages of SQL Server efficiently. SQL Server recovery tool also helps you to recovered deleted records or items of Master.MDF database. So, this is the perfect tool that easily fix SQL Server database and provides complete results.

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