Repair MDF File After Header Page Corruption of MS SQL

File Header Corruption Causing Data Loss – Repair MDF File.

File Header Page: Microsoft SQL Server database has a file header page (8KB) which contains metadata information of SQL database.

Sometimes, file header page gets corrupted. It happens because of any irreversible cause such as: abrupt system shut down, virus attack, hardware & software malfunctioning, low hard disk space when application running & so on. Most of the time DBCC CHECKDB command fails to repair corrupt MDF database files.

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Error Message Appears

After file header page corruption in the MS SQL Server, you can encounter the following error message:

"Msg 5172, Level 16, State 15, Line 1
The header for file "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\DATA\FileHeaderTest.mdf" is not a valid database file header. The PageAudit property is incorrect

Msg 913, Level 16, State 4, Line 1

Instant SQL Data Restoration with Valid Backup

In those corruption circumstances, if you want to resolve the problem then you can ideally solves it by restoring the updated backup of your crucial data. But if your backup has not been updated or backup file has become inaccessible, then you need powerful SQL database recovery software which repair MDF file and saves your records & other elements of SQL database.

How to Repair MDF Files?

Our excellent SQL MDF file repair application has recently upgraded which employs deep scanning process & repair MDF database from corruption issues. SQL Recovery software has embedded with advance data recovery algorithm for repair corrupt MDF files & allows for recover the database items from it.

Instant way to repair SQL MDF files efficiently with exemplary SQL recovery software. This MDF repair tool ensures you to complete safe & secure database recovery with 100% result. You can choose this MDF repair software which perhaps the best possible solution in the terms of price as well as performance.

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