SQL BAK File Recovery Utility to Recover SQL BAK File

Microsoft SQL server is an open source which can be used to manage your SQL database. SQL Server stores its data in two files. One has .mdf extension and second is an ldf extension. The most important part of database maintenance plan is backing up database regularly. It is always better because you never know if the original data is lost or misplaced and most of the chances are if the database goes corrupt or damaged.

The number of reasons when your database goes corrupt or damaged

  • Hard drive crash or corruption in HDD
  • Accidental deletion of essential database
  • Virus infection in your Database
  • Corruption is storage media
  • Sometime human errors plays important role in database corruption
  • Sudden system shut down due to power fluctuation.

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Follow these instructions to get rid of this problem

  • You should take regular backup.
  • Regular backup decrease chance of catastrophe situation.
  • Heavy backup required more frequent backups.
  • You should consider storing backups of database.

The corruption of database can be recuperated by using the backup file that is created for it but How to Restore SQL Backup Database if it accidentally gets corrupted? Do not panic! Every problem has a solution. First of all you should investigate the reasons behind corruption! If you have corrupt SQL backup database you got this kind of error message:

“None of the specified folders exist. Check the transaction log folder locations you have specified for this log shipping restore job.”

Just after this error, you need to recover and restore SQL.bak file.

Some Noteworthy Features of SQL Backup Recovery Software

  • Software restore backup from SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 and 2008 r2
  • Software safely repairs backup file elements like tables, triggers, records, store procedure, and scripts etc.
  • It can restore deleted tables if they are not overwritten.
  • Multi threaded option helps to export tables from .bak files.
  • Software efficiently managed blob data type.
  • Unlimited tables recover in at a time.
  • Software compatible with all Windows Versions 98 to Win 7

With the help of SQL Backup Database Recovery software you can be assure that you will be able to restore SQL bak file without facing any complications. SQL BAK File Recovery Utility is one of the most chosen software program for restoring or recovering SQL Back files.

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